I eventually enjoy non-coding/non-math topics, such as Pokémon, Lego, figure skating, and books. In the past, I also enjoyed traveling and I was lucky enough to visit multiple countries. Which made me really interested in learning new (human) languages, either by fun or by necessity. I’m constantly looking for friends to practice French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese. If you are patient, maybe you can teach me your native language! =)

Human languages

  • Portuguese (native speaker)
  • English (C1)
  • French (B2)
  • German (A2)
  • Japanese (Still a beginner, but one day I’d like to be a fluent speaker!)
  • I can get by with Italian and Spanish, but I never took any classes.

Random stuff

  • Reading books (literature classics, dystopias, thriller, biographies, philosophy, etc) - see my reading suggestions
  • Cooking - check out my new blog to learn a reciPL and have fun with PL jokes! Do you happen to know a good reciPL? Send a PR to this blog!
  • Speaking of cooking, good bread, good coffee (no sugar!) and good cheese are priorities for me.
  • Stationery - I am in the Pentel Energel 0.38 and 0.5 team + Leuchtturm 1917. Do you also enjoy nice pens and good quality paper? Let’s be friends!
  • Gardening - cultivate flowers in the warm months of Montréal is pure joy!
  • Ice skating - watching it is very pleasant; falling on the ice is very painful.