Hi! Welcome to this page; make yourself at home!

I am currently working at Nasdaq as a Software Engineer (focusing on SRE and product development).

I am very much passionate about Programming Languages and verification and research related to this field. Unfortunately, I’ve been away that for a while, since it’s hard to get into these topics in a regular SEng industry job, but I am very much interested in the subject. I’m always open to chat about it! Do you also like these topics? Let’s have some coffee or tea and and talk about PL!

A while back, I was working at Intel, designing and maintaining tools for p4 programs. I was also a part-time faculty at Dawson College, where I shared my passion about programming. I do enjoy teaching and compilers.

Take a look at my CV for more information.

I completed my graduate studies in computer science at McGill University. These were not the happiest days of my life, but I fell in love with PL. I still find time to fulfill my interests about a pleasant formalization for hardware + software. I am a big fan of proof assistants and dependent types. Check this page for more information.

I also supported multiple SIGPLAN conferences as a volunteer and as a member of the organizing committee of POPL, ICFP, PLDI. But almost none cares about that.

In the past, I was a very enthusiastic software developer. I still am! I used to do a lot of talks and contributed to a few open source projects. You can check out some of these records here.

And as a human being, I also have some hobbies! They are listed here.

Some folks told me they visited my website hoping to find a section “how to pronounce my name”. If you are curious, here it goes: the stressed syllable is the first one; proceed with the standard EN pronunciation and you’ll get a very acceptable result :) . However, in my native language, the “H” has no sound.

Have fun! <3